Microsoft Windows™ protects you from dangerous and malicious software. After downloading the calculator from the server and running the installation, Windows checks the electronic certificate that is included with the downloaded file.

The Pipe flow calculator is protected by an electronic certificate issued by the Certified Authority. Microsoft maintains in its database information about the certificates in use. When Windows™ recognizes a certificate that has been in use for a long time, it does not display notifications and considers the software safe.

However, when Windows™ recognizes a new certificate that it does not have in its database, it displays such notifications for a certain period.

Certificates have a limited duration, usually one year. Once the certificate expires, a new one is required. Because the new Windows™ certificate is not in its database and cannot determine if it is a secure software, it displays notifications and requires user confirmation. Only after a large number of users accept to install the software and Windows™ gather sufficient information about the certificate used will the software be considered safe to install and Windows™ will stop displaying an alert.

Therefore, Windows™ does not check the functionality of the software, only the correctness of the certificates. The certificate is issued by the Certified Authority (Sectigo, Thawte, Symantec, ...) and when issuing the certificate the Certified Authority also does not check the functionality of the software but the identity of the publisher, that is, my identity.

Given that my first and last name is listed on the alert window (Publisher: Zoran Savovic), the user may consider my identity verified. Otherwise, Publisher: unknown would appear on the alert window instead of my name.

Pipe flow calculator in various forms has been available since 2000. Throughout its existence and use, there has been no user reporting that the calculator has dangerous or malicious features. This is the best confirmation that the software you download is safe and that you can start the installation with full confidence.

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