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Natural gas pipe diameter, flow rate and pressure drop calculator

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Calculator can be used for calculation of flow rate and pressure drop calculation in natural gas pipe with constant diameter.

In natural gas pipe diameter, flow rate and pressure drop calculator natural gas is considered as compressible, so you can use calculator for medium and high pressure gas lines. Pressure must be higher than 1 barg and lower than 100 barg.

Natural gas pipe diameter, flow rate and pressure drop calculator can be used if the gas pipe line is longer than 1m (L > 1m). Local pressure losses due to resistance in valves and pipe fittings and pressure changes due to height change are not included in calculator. Temperature of natural gas in underground gas lines can be considered as constant as the drop of temperature due to friction pressure drop is compensated with the heat that natural gas is getting from the soil.

Natural gas pipe diameter, flow rate and pressure drop calculator can be used for pressure drop (p1-p2), or eihter volume flow rate (q) or weight flow rate (w) calculation. Volume flow rate q is calculated at standard conditions which are represented by pressure of p = 101325 Pa and natural gas temperature of T=288.15 K. Flow mean velocity of natural gas in pipe is also calculated for specific pipe diameter.

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