Pipe Flow Calculators

Since the year of 2000, this web site is offering pipe flow calculators for every day problem solving in the field of fluid dynamics. Sixteen desktop calculators, seven calculators as the web application, three calculators for Android smart phones are available at the moment. With every calculator you can read full theoretical explanation. All calculation formulas are presented as well.

Pressure drop calculators

The most frequently used calculators in any pipe flow analysis

Calculator's features:

  1. Calculate pressure drop for known flow rate
  2. Calculate flow rate for known pressure drop
  3. Darcy friction coefficient calculation
  4. Minor losses calculation
  5. Laminar and turbulent flow
  6. Flow velocity calculation
  • Applicable for liquids and low pressure drop gas flow.
  • Circular and rectangle closed pipe,
  • Incompressible flow ρ=const.,
  • Darcy equation based,
  • Flow of air in a closed round pipe.
  • Compressible flow ρ≠const.
  • Isothermal flow T=const.
  • Applicable for natural gas lines over 1 bar, longer than 1 m,
  • Renouard equation based.
  • Applicable for any perfect gas in a long and closed round pipe.
  • Compressible ρ≠const.
  • Isothermal T=const.

Light calculators for quick calculations

Several calculators that you can use for quick and partial calculations

  • Calculate pipe diameter for known flow rate and velocity
  • For liquids and perfect gases,
  • Convert from volumetric to mass flow rate,
  • Calculate volumetric flow rate of perfect gas at different conditions of pressure and temperature,
  • Resistance coefficient K for elbows, bends, tees, pipe entrance, pipe exit, reducers, enlargement.
  • Determine if the flow is laminar or turbulent,
  • For liquids and perfect gases,
  • Input either velocity, or volumetric, or mass flow rate and calculate Reynolds number.

Calculators for pressure differential devices

Calculator's features:

  1. Calculate flow rate in pipe based on the created pressure drop,
  2. For liquids and perfect gases,
  3. Flow velocity calculation,
  4. Convert between volume and mass flow rate,
  5. Reynolds number calculation,
  6. Discharge coefficient calculation.

Calculators for control valves

Calculate flow rate, pressure drop and flow coefficients for liquid (Cv, Kv) and gas (Cg, Kg) flow control valves and pressure reducers