Steel pipe grades chart

tensile, yield strength and chemical composition by API 5L and ISO 3183

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Tables for two basic levels of standard technical requirements for line pipe. Product specification levels PSL1 (standard quality) and PSL2 (additional mandatory requirements).

Delivery conditions available are: R (As-rolled), N (normalized), Q (quenched and tempered) or M (thermo-mechanical rolled or thermo-mechanical formed).

Both unit systems are available: International System (SI) units and United States Customary (USC) units.

Display pipe grade properties

PSL2; C<0.12

carbon equivalent low carbon

PSL2; C>0.12

carbon equivalent high carbon

Where the symbols for the chemical elements represent the mass fraction in percent

Pipe grade properties

Pipe gradeGrade acc. to EN 3183: L210

Steel grade chemical composition

Carbon C: 0.22
Manganese Mn: 0.9
Phosphorus P: 0.03
Sulfur S: 0.03