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  • Everyday problem-solving tool in the field of fluid flow in closed tubes,
  • Seventeen desktop calculators, fourteen calculators as the web application, three calculators for Android smartphones,
  • Solve simple and complex fluid flow problems in less than one minute GUARANTEED,
  • Short learning curve, just enter values and get results,
  • Used every day by thousands of students and professionals,
  • Improved many times and confirmed in practice,
  • All formulas used are available and presented in the theoretical section,
  • Connect with developer using email of social networks,
  • Every reported bug is fixed within a day or two, for years.


  • Change between numerous units of measure from the imperial and metric unit system,
  • Selection of pipes from the list of standard pipes,
  • Selection of fluids from the list of the most common fluids,
  • Selection of pipe material from the list of the most common materials,
  • Store multiple results in a table and export to native Excel file,
  • Copy/paste full calculation report,
  • Export results to native Word and Excel format,
  • Save/open calculation results,
  • Print full calculation report,
  • Continue where you left off,
  • Select between gauge and absolute pressure.

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