Latest update 8th May 2021
Required - Java™ 1.8.x; Internet connection and active subscription

4 steps instruction

to get a calculator and make it work

1. get Java™ from its download page and confirm it is working on your system
2. start the calculator by clicking the button above
3. register account and select credentials
4. select subscription plan from any available

Step no. 1 - getting Java™

Pipe flow calculator requires Java™ Runtime Environment – JRE version 1.8.x, suitable for your operating system. Calculator is independent of operating system. It can work on Windows, MacOS and Linux desktop or laptop computers. Get the latest Java™ Runtime Environment for your desktop/laptop from here. Read more about web start technology. If you have concerns about Java™security please read the following text.

It is very important to confirm that Java™ will run on your system.

If for any reason you can't use Java™ on your computer, and if you are using Windows™ 64 bit operating system, than you can still use the calculator. You can download the calculator that has all required components in one package.

Step no. 2 - Staring the calculator

Just click the start button above and launch image on the opened window, and wait for Java™ to initiate, as it can take a while. After that confirm on the opened window that you accept to run the pipe flow calculator and wait for the calculator to load.

Step no. 3 - Register your new account

Register your account on registration page. Select a user name, password and enter valid email. You will instantly receive registration confirmation email to confirm your registration and activate account. Click on the link provided in the activation email to activate account. You will once more receive an instant email confirming that your account is activated. This time no action is required from you.

Step no. 4 - Select an appropriate subscription

Subscribe to full service at subscription page. Select one out of two available subscription plans. Each plan is time limited and gives you access to all services on this web site.

After you have completed all 4 steps from the above, you will be able to start the calculator in several other ways also, as described in details on the instructions and requirements page, in the section: "How you can start application on your desktop/laptop?".

In short, you can start the calculator in four different ways, like:

    1. from this web page,
    2. desktop shortcut if you have created one during installation,
    3. Java™ Control Panel - cache viewer, under Temporary Internet Files section, by clicking view... button and selecting Pipe Flow Calculators from the list,
    4. command prompt/terminal on your desktop/laptop computer by typing: