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When is this calculator suitable?

You can use the calculator for calculation of heat energy (heat power) that fuel is releasing during combustion. The calculator is also suitable for inverse calculation. You can also calculate the fuel flow rate from available heat power.

Available calculation scenarios

1. Calculation of fuel flow rate for given heat energy (heat power).

This calculation scenario is the case when you want to know how much fuel is required to produce specified heat energy - power.

2. Calculation of heat energy (heat power) created from the combustion of the specified fuel flow rate.

This calculation scenario is the case when you know fuel flow rate, and you want to know how much heat energy that fuel can create during combustion.

3. Calculation of fuel heat value for given heat power and flow rate.

This calculation scenario is the case when you want to check the heat value (or quality of fuel) based on the specified flow rate and released heat energy - power.

What else has to be known to perform the calculation?

You can enter flow rates as the mass or volume flow rate. If you provide density value, the calculator calculates the flow rate that you didn't enter.

You can select if you want to have energy efficiency in calculation or not.

Efficiency coefficient is used to represent losses in energy conversion from combustion energy to energy available for end users like hot water heat energy from the boiler. If you have specified hot water heat energy demand P1 and if you know boiler efficiency - η, the calculator gives you required actual heat power from combustion like P1/ η.

You can select not to use this feature by selecting η in Omit section.

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